Eurobodalla Orchid Club

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February 8th            Club Night – Jane Wright - Lycastes

February 19th          Social DaySausage Sizzle - 12 Noon start

                                  (Sunday) at 5 Garagarang St, Malua Bay

March 8th                 Club Night – Jeanne Dunn - Dockrillias

March 18th/19th       Weekend Workshop at Canberra

                                  (Sat9-5 /Sun9-12) Bill Miles, Stephen Stebbings

April 12th                  Club Night – CLUB AUCTION

May 10th                   Club Night - TBA

May 20th                   Growers Workshop – Paula Brown

June 14th                  Club Night - Plant Presentation for Show - Peter Stubbs

June 17 th                 Social Day - Orchid Crawl- Tuross Head


July 1st                      Display & Sales at Moruya Markets (Saturday)


July 7th/8th                EUROBODALLA ORCHID CLUB

(Fr 9-4 / Sat 9-2)               WINTER SHOW - CWA Hall Moruya

July 12th                     Club Night – Round Table, Plant Problems

July 15th/16th             Milton/Ulladulla O/S Winter Show

(Sat 10-3.30/Sun 9-2)                   Civic Centre Ulladulla

July 21st/22nd             BBOFS – Winter Show

Fri 10-6/Sat 10-3)

August 9th                   Club Night – Graeme Krake - Terrestrials

August 18th/20th         Sapphire O/C Winter Show – Merimbula

(Fr / Sun)

Sept 1st/ 2nd                EUROBODALLA ORCHID CLUB

(Fr 9-4 / Sat 9-2)                       SPRING SHOW- Leisure Centre Narooma

Sept 8th/9th                  BBOFS – Spring Show

Fri 10-6/Sat 10-3)

Sept 13th                      Club Night - TBA

Sept.                              Tri-Club Fun Day @ Mogo Orchid & Fern Nursery TBA

Sept.16th/17th               Milton/Ulladulla O/S Spring Show

(Sat 10-3.30/Sun 9-2)     Civic Centre Ulladulla

Sept. 21st/22nd            Sapphire O/C Spring Show

(Thu/Fr)                                     venue TBC

Sept 30th/Oct 1st          South/West Regional Conference Albury/Wodonga

October 7th                   Growers Workshop – Graham Jackson

October 11th                  Club Night 

October 20th/21st           BBOFS – Native Show

(Fri 10-6/Sat 10-3)

Nov 3rd/4th                     Sapphire O/C Native Show – Merimbula

(Fr / Sat)

Nov 8th                            Club Night - AGM - Mini auction, orchids only

Nov 11th                          SARC. CHALLENGE with Sapphire O/C

(Saturday 11am)                                           - to be advised

December 3rd                 Christmas Party - Kyla Hall, Tuross Head