Eurobodalla Orchid Club

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The Club meets at the CWA Hall in Queen Street, Moruya on the 2nd Wednesday of each month commencing at 7.30pm (Hall open from 6.30pm). 

No meeting in January - date and location of December meeting varies. 

Members should bench their plants by 7.00pm for judging.

A Sales Table is available where members can purchase pots, growing media, fertilisers and other specialist items. 

Members can sell-off surplus orchids through the Sales Table - the Club retains 10% commission.

Members are classified as either 'novice' or 'open' exhibitors for Show purposes. 

All new members are automatically placed in the 'novice' category until they demonstrate orchid-growing expertise.

At least two competitive Shows are held each year in Moruya and Narooma. 

All members are expected to help with the running of Shows. 

The Club also mounts exhibition displays in local shopping centres.

The Club is affiliated with the Orchid Society of NSW and the Australian Orchid Council.  These bodies organise shows at State and National levels and train and regulate judges and judging standards.  Arrangements can be made for more advanced growers to attend judging courses if they wish.

The Club supports research into orchid culture and the study and conservation of our native orchids by making regular donations to the Australian Orchid Foundation.
The Club's library of orchid-related books and journals is available free to members.

Members are encouraged to mix socially through a program of outings to shows and places of interest, not always with an orchid context.

                                                       THE COST TO JOIN THE CLUB

There is an entry fee to cover the cost of a name badge (currently $8.00 per person)

The annual membership fee is $13.00 for a single member; $16.00 for a two family members, and $6.00 for a junior member (under age 16)

The Club is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (NSW) and has a $10 million public liability insurance cover - these measures should protect members in the event of an accident.

The Eurobodalla Orchid Club Inc. takes no responsibility for anything said by a member or a visiting speaker.

Have fun with orchids!



                                   Tony Groube     4471 2052                                      

    5 Garagarang Street Malua Bay 2536         

Email: [email protected]


                                Jean Swindley      4473 6963                                      

                             27 Meakin St. Tuross Head 2537                                  

Email: jswindley(at)


                                   Diane Hay      4473 9547                                     

                                     2 Coila Ave. Tuross Head 2537                                      

Email: danddhay(at)


                                 David Hay                                      

                   2 Coila Ave. Tuross Head 2537                       

     Email:  david.w.hay1(at)


                                           Graham Jackson  4474 5982                                              

                          Liz Cleaver    4471 2052                                     

                                    Anne-Marie Collins  427885186                                      

                          Helen Watson         4476 1981                          

Barbara Williams      4472 5869


Jean Swindley  4473 6963


Cecilia & Alex Christlo 44717716


David Hay

                   2 Coila Ave. Tuross Head 2537                       

     Email:  david.w.hay1(at)


                                   Helen Watson    44761981                                     

55 Eastaway Avenue, Narooma

Email: gandhwatson(at)


    Anne-Marie Collins  437885186

38 Edward Road, Batehaven 2536

 Email: arimanee(at)yahoo,


        Tony Groube  &  Liz Cleaver   

                                             4471 2052                                      

             5 Garagarang Street Malua Bay 2536         

     Email: [email protected]



                                     Diane Hay 4473 9547                                     

                                    2 Coila Ave. Tuross Head 2537                                      

Email: danddhay(at)


Alex Brand           2002

Kay Brand            2002

John Gellibrand     2005

Theo Schutz          2007

Jenny Schutz         2007

Margaret Hayes      2007

Don Hayes             2007

Sylvia Hawkins       2010

    Colin Pearson        2013  


Allan Read   1995

Kay Brand    1996

Alex Brand   1997

Theo Schutz 1998

John Gellibrand 1999

Shenah Gellibrand 1999

Don Hayes   2000

Jenny Schutz  2001

Margaret Hayes  2001

Patty Parker    2003

Sylvia Hawkins   2006

May Smith    2007

Tom Kelly     2008

Gerry Smith    2008

Gloria Gustard   2009

Colin Pearson   2010

Deidre Girdler   2010

Jean Swindley   2011

Ian Scott    2013

Sue Carroll   2013

Gordon Marion 2014

Tony Groube 2015

Diane Hay 2016

Barbara Williams 2017

Elizabeth Cleaver 2018


Allan Read     - 1993 to 1994
Alex Brand     - 1994 to 2000
Theo Schutz   - 2000 to 2009
Don Hayes     - 2009 to 2010

   Inaugural Meeting Sept., 1993


Date joined Club             

14/09/93                              Allen Read

14/09/93                              Alex & Kaye Brand  (also Life Members – August 2002)

14/09/93                              Dave & Helen Davies

09/10/93                              Ron & Elsa Lymberry

09/10/03                              Garnet & Evelyn Strachan

09/10/93                              Duncan & Jean Maclennan

09/10/93                              Jennifer Best

09/10/93                              Thomas Roach

09/10/93                              Barbara Sinclair

09/10/93                              Roger & Nina Greaves

09/10/93                              Allan & Kay Watts

13/11/93                              Joy Linden

13/11/93                              Trevor & Margaret Fletcher

13/11/93                              Terence & Lynette Toll

13/11/93                              Edna Forbes

23/11/93                              Patricia Parker

08/12/93                              Doug & Winifred Bailey

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