Eurobodalla Orchid Club

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Eurobodalla Orchid Club Library Books and Journals;  December 2010

A Checklist of Australian Native Orchid Hybrids, 7 & 8th eds. 1998,2005

A Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia, D.L. Jones, 2006

A Golden Guide, Orchids, F.S. Shuttleworth, et al., 1989

ABC of Orchid Growing, J.V. Watkins, 1948

Alans Fertiliser Handbook, A. Merriman, 2nd edition, 2008

Alans Pest and Disease Handbook, A. Merriman, 1st ed. 1993

American Orchid Culture, E. A. White, 1946

Australian Ground Orchids, Densey Clyne, 1970

Australian Orchid Growing, Vol. 1, Cymbidiums, 1993

Australian Orchid Growing, Vol. 3, Paphiopedilums, 1990 (2 copies)

Australian Orchids, B. Mullens and M. Martin 1982

Australian Rock and Tree Orchids, Densey Clyne, 1972

Beautiful Orchids, P. McKenzie Black, 1973

Botanica's Pocket Orchids, Random House, Australia.  2002

Cymbidium Manioa, G&S Guest, 1997

Dendrobium and its Relatives, B. Lavarack, et al, 2000

Dendrobium Kingianum: A Unique Australian Orchid, P. B. Adams & S. D. Lawson, 1995

Exotic Orchids in Australia, D. L. Jones, 1990 (2 copies)

Flora's Orchids, 'The definitive guide to orchids', D. P. Banks & A. Perkins, 2005

Genus Paphiopedilum; The Tropical Asiatic Slipper Orchid, K. S Bennett, 1884

Growing Orchids, The Complete Guide to Orchids and their Cultivation, B&W Rittershausen, 2000

Growing Orchids in Cool Climate Australia, M.J. Fraser et al, 2005

Growing Orchids, Book One, Cymbidiums and Slippers, J.N. Rentoul, 1980

Growing Orchids, Book Two, The Cattleyas and other Epiphytes, J.N. Rentoul, 1982 (2 copies)

Growing Orchids, Book Three, Vandas, dendrobiums and others, J.N. Rentoul, 1982 (2 copies)

Growing Orchids, Book Four, The Australasian Families, J. N. Rentoul, 1990

Growing Orchids, D.P. Banks,  2001 (2 copies)

Home Orchid Growing, 3rd edition. R. Tyson Northen, 1970

Housing Orchids, photocopy from unknown magazine

How to Grow Orchids, Sunset Editorial Staff, 1973

Images of Preservation, A.W. Stephenson, 2002 (2 copies)

Intriguing Masdevallias, J. Kelleher, 1984

Introducing Cattleyas, N.J. Mammatt, 1990

I've Got Spikes; The Ultimate Guide to flowering and enjoying Cymbidium Orchids, G&S Guest, 1999

Lycaste Orchids, Cultivation and Hybridisation, A. F. W. Alcorn (2 copies)

Lycaste Species: The essential guide,  H.F. Oakley 1993 (2 copies)

Masdevallias: Gems of the Orchid World, M. E. Gerritsen & R. Parsons, 2005

More Cymbidiums, G&S Guest, 1996

Orchid Fever, E Hansen, 2001

Orchid Basics, I la Croix, 2000

Orchid Growing in the Shoalhaven District, 1998 (2 copies)

Orchids, an illustrated identifier and guide to cultivation, M. Tibbs & R. Bilton, 1996

Orchids, A Practical Guide to the World?s Most Fascinating Plants, W&B Rittershausen, 2003

Orchids, A Practical Handbook, B&W Rittershausen, 2003

Orchids, B&W Rittershausen, 2004

Orchids for Beginners, A and M Webb, 1993 (2 copies)

Orchids for Everyone, B Williams, 1984

Orchids for Everybody, R. B. Hogg (ND but early)

Orchids for the Australian Garden,  K. Irvine, 1982 (2 copies)

Orchids in Colour, B & W Rittershausen, 1979

Orchids in Victoria, A. Hope and B. Milligan eds, 2001

Orchids in Your Garden, R Friend, 2000 (2 copies)

Orchids month by month, R Handcock & M Smith, n.d.

Orchids,  J. W. Blowers,  1962

Orchids, M. Lecoufle & H. Rose, 1957

Redpath Horticultural and Agricultural structures and products, (Catalogue)

Research for the Nursery Industry, Division of Plant Industries, NSW Agriculture, 1999

Sarcochilus Orchids of Australia, W. L. Upton, 1992

Scotts Horticultural Solutions Guide, 2008

Starting Out With Orchids, David L. Jones. 2010

Success With Orchids, H Heitz, 1998

Success With Orchids, W Rittershausen, 1997

The Australian House and Garden Book of Orchids, W. Watson Sharp, 1969

The Charm of Growing Orchids, 2nd Edition, No date or author but 1st edition 1945

The Colour Nature Library, Orchids, P. Taylor, 1979

The Enchanted Orchid, M Fulcher, 1999

The Essentials of Orchid Growing,  G. Morrison & M. A. Webb, 1991 (ND but recent)

The Handbook on Orchid Nomenclature and Registration, 4th ed., J Greatwood et al., 1993

The New Book for Orchid Lovers, Orchid Club of SA, 1984

The Orchid Thief, S. Orlean, 1998

Ultimate Orchid, T. J. Sheenan, 2002

What Orchid is That?,  A. Pridgeon ed. 1992


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